Forage for Profit Workshop – Using Forage Crops to Plug the Feed Gap (Wigtown)


With the rising cost of imported feed, increasing quality and quantity of homegrown forage production can deliver many benefits to your business such as improved livestock performance, higher profits, increased biodiversity and reduce Carbon Footprint.  Forward planning is key to ensure the balance is struck between a forage crop rotation that improves business efficiency and environmental sustainability – this workshop will work through the impact of crop choice, field selection, cultivation methods and management on achieving all round performance.

The first part of the meeting will be at Ballaird Farm, Wigtown by kind permission of Ross McKie.  We will be taking a walk over the forage crops Ross is currently feeding to ewes and hear about how he is using forage crops to create more grass in early spring.

This session will then be followed up at Whauphill Village Hall for an in-depth discussion into the where, what, when and how of making forage crops a successful part of your business.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.