Horticultural Hercules: The Mighty Polycrub+Event Fully Booked+


Been thinking about croft diversification? Lettuce tell you about the Polycrub and growing veg on the croft.

This meeting will cover a vast array of topics to get you thinking about croft diversification options.  The event will be split into three group stations and will rotate as the day progresses.  Each area covering an important topic relating to vegetable growing on the croft.  On the day there will be an on-site visit to the newly established HebVeg to see first hand polycrubs in action.  There will also be two seminars with informative and practical coverage of the horticultural enterprise possibilities.

Topics to be covered;

  • Growing you own veg on the croft
  • Cropping Schedules & Interpreting Information
  • Composting/liming/fertilisers
  • Polycrub Design & Purpose
  • First hand account of newly established HebVeg
  • Food & Drink Maketing & Business Seminar
  • Grant Eligibility & Criteria

Speakers include;

  • Audrey Litterick, Earthcare Technical
  • Calum Johnston, SAC Food & Drink
  • Martin Adil-Smith, Heb Veg Business Owner
  • Rob Black, SAC Consultant

The on-site visit to the HebVeg croft run my Mr Martin Adil-Smith will allow a look at a first hand account of establishing a horticultural business and the Polycrub units in a current business application.


For more information contact our local helpline on 0300 323 0161 and ask for Rob Black or email him at rob.black@sac.co.uk.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.