How Renewables can Improve Profits – Forfar


Rural business margins are tightening and there is an increasing awareness of climate change.  Reductions in business carbon footprints are being demanded by consumers.  So how can you make financial savings whilst reducing your carbon outputs?  Renewable energy might be the answer. Turbine and solar pv panels

There are a number of renewable energy options available that might benefit your business, whether that be providing some of the energy you need, or enough to supply the grid.  As grant aid support for some renewables diminishes e.g. RHI & FiTs, this meeting will provide an update on the different options available and review the positives and negatives of each.

We’ll also focus on some of the newer options such as hydrogen, heat pumps and energy storage solutions.

Key speakers at this event are SAC Renewables Specialists Jim Campbell & John Farquhar.

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Bookings are no longer available for this event.