Improving Suckler Performance – Dumfries


This meeting is aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of beef production through improved suckler cow performance.

The rationale behind the meeting is to get farmers to realise the value of all the resources and capabilities available on their farm and plan to use them more efficiently, thereby improving the viability and profitability of their businesses, whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

The meeting will inform livestock managers on ways to use genetics, fertility management, nutrition, and health planning to optimise the performance of their herd.

On the day, Robert Gilchrist, Farm Profit Programme/ANM will discuss profitability and efficiency in suckler cow production, and the lessons learned form the Farm profit programme operating in the North East of Scotland.

There will then be 3 Stations which groups will rotate around and these will be:
  1. Colin Penny, Zoetis, discussing cattle fertility, calving at two years old, and the use of AI/synchronisation.
  2. Mary McDowell, SAC Consulting, discussing cattle nutrition and making the most of home produced feed.
  3. Alastair Padkin, Nithsdale Vets, will be discussing local animal health issues and health planning.

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