Lanark New Entrants – Fresh Air is Free

  • November 11 2020
    7:30pm - 8:30pm

The winter has come speeding round the corner this year and with the current wet, mild weather there are ongoing concerns for a number of diseases such as pneumonia.

As cattle are housed it is the perfect time to review how effective the ventilation is in your cattle buildings. Ensuring the air flow is working correctly has a significant impact on animal health and performance as well as a saving in bedding costs.

We will be joined by Alasdair Scott who will discuss the ‘stacking effect’ and take us through a virtual 3D tour of a farm indicating where and how simple, cheap and effective  improvements can be made to make a instant improvement.

We will also be joined by SRUC Vet, Helen Carty who will provide a insight into all the different bacteria and diseases that can affect calves at housing and what prevention measures are available as well discussing vaccinations.

This meeting will be a Go To Meeting format which will allow interaction from the group giving you an opportunity to ask Alasdair or Helen any questions relevant to your holding.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.