Late Mown Grassland: Improving Quality for Birds and Livestock – New Deer

Could you break with tradition and improve your grass silage quality with a later maturing seed mix?

SRDP funding within the Aberdeenshire area has paid farmers to delay mowing hay or silage crops until after 1 August to improve the habitat for Corn Buntings, a declining farmland bird. These schemes provide a vital income stream in a difficult industry. However, very often late mown grassland is often dismissed as being of lower feed value for livestock, and as a result uptake of the grant scheme is limited.

Our guest speaker, Dr David Lawson, Grassland Agronomist with SRUC will discuss how to ensure you are selecting the correct grass seed mix to meet the demands of your farm. Very often early maturing mixes are sown which don’t suit the management regime, soil type or weather conditions. Reviewing what seed mixes you use can improve farm productivity and lead to increased profitability.

David, along with RSPB Scotland has been trialling a number of grass seed mixes which mature later, allowing for a later cutting date without the same losses of feed quality that is seen when traditional seed mixes are cut later in the season.

We will also hear from Massimo Prosdocimi from RSPB Scotland about the latest bird survey results for late mown grassland as well as other simple management that could improve the feeding and breeding habitats for farmland birds.

Local Consultant, Paul Chapman will be on hand to discuss potential future funding for environmental management schemes.

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