Making Slatted Housing Work For You (Girvan)


This meeting will look at using slatted accommodation for housing suckler cows and calves. There are many benefits of housing cattle in slatted sheds compared to bedded courts as they are less labour intensive, reduce bedding costs and collect slurry which is a valuable fertiliser source.  However it is important that they are managed correctly.

John and Huw Dalrymple-Hamilton have built a modern, well designed slatted shed at Bargany Mains for housing suckler cows and calves. This meeting provides the opportunity to view the the shed working in practice as well as learn how they manage cattle on slats. You will also hear from John and Huw and their experience of the shed construction including the decision-making and planning behind the shed regarding the internal layout to allow them flexibility in the way they house their animals.

Katrina Henderson from SRUC Vets Dumfries will discuss cattle health topics related to keeping cattle on slats and Gavin Hill, SAC Consulting Beef specialist, will discuss the management of cattle on slats and their future in the beef industry.

SRUC researcher Simon Turner will look at cow flow and low stress handling.

Deligates will also hear from local consultants looking at the cost comparison of building and maintaining a slatted shed compared with a bedded system.

This is an on farm event and will be outside all day, please wear warm waterproof clothing and sensible footwear which is suitable for disinfecting.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.