Meeting Market Demand 2: A producers showcase


At a time when the story behind our food is becoming as important as the quality of that food, it is increasingly important that farmers support local produce and foster good links with processors and retailers. Building a good brand and story is important for achieving success, not just for your business but the local economy, and it is a grass roots approach to marketing that will safeguard businesses as we move into uncertain markets and a green recovery.

This meeting, a producer showcase, will highlight the efforts of local businesses in the south-west of Scotland to take control of the agricultural narrative, how they engage with the general public and the challenges they see going forward. SAC’s Food & Drink specialist, Calum Johnston, will also be on hand, giving his top tips for promoting your product and the pitfalls to avoid.

This is the second event in a two series aimed at promoting local responses to the national and international issue of food sustainability, responding the changing agricultural and food policy and preparing for the green recovery.

Speaker:  Calum Johnston (SAC Food & Drink)


Bookings are no longer available for this event.