New Entrants to Farming – “Grassland Matters” (Caithness)


One topic that the New Entrant group were looking interested to learn more about was grass varieties and their best uses.

Grass is probably the farms biggest asset and the lowest cost feed that can be grown.  There is a requirement to maximise the highest yield to provide winter forage or increase the mouths on the holding.  Having higher yielding grassland could allow expansion of a herd or flock without occupying more land.

This meeting will give the group the background to different species of grass and to allow the new entrant to chose the most suitable one for the soil type and if it is for grazing and/or cutting.

Evening commences with food and refreshments.


  • Paddy Jack- DFL seeds and science


  • Grass species and utilisation

Organiser: Willie Budge


Bookings are no longer available for this event.