New Entrants to Farming: Running a Successful Sheep Enterprise (Wigtownshire)


This is the first of two workshops for New Entrants focussing on running a successful sheep enterprise.

We will focus on the management of in-lamb ewes to ensure they are fit for lambing, early preparation that can be done now to get ready for lambing time and post-tupping care of your breeding tups.

Where there are sheep, there a fair bit of paperwork required as well!  You will learn about who you have to notify if you keep sheep, tagging rules and statutory records which you must keep.

Finally, the key to every successful business is generating cash.  We will look at how to keep financial records for your sheep flock and at the industry information which is available to compare your performance to others.  This sort of information is invaluable to allow you to develop and grow a sustainable enterprise.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.