On Track for Progress – Campbeltown


The implementation of cow tracks into a dairy grazing system enhances the performance of the herd in multiple ways.

When installed and used correctly farm businesses can see increased profits as a greater mass of forage is made available and higher quality grass can be grown. Farmers can also see improved efficiency in their time with cows conveniently migrating from steading to paddock with minimum stress.  Tracks reduce the potential for environmental damage, they allow for more control options in grazing strategies and they are hugely beneficial to cow foot health and animal welfare.  However, there’s a lot more to installing a network of cow tracks than using any old stone and a JCB!

Key Speakers

  • Lorna MacPherson, Senior Dairy Consultant, SAC Consulting
  • Holly Ferguson, SRUC Precision Dairying Scientist
  • Wallace Hendrie, Hendrie Brothers

Topics for discussion

  • The correct methods of constructing and maintaining cow tracks
  • How to manage lameness in the herd
  • Dairy cow nutrition
  • Grazing systems suited for cow tracks

If you are involved in grazing dairy cattle and are looking to improve dairy performance this is a must-get-to meeting to get an insight into an exemplar farm that is using cow tracks.  Join us at West Drumlemble Farm.  The meeting will conclude at 3.00 pm.

Please use the booking form below to secure your place and to help us arrange catering.  As the event is based on-farm please ensure you wear clean footwear suitable for disinfecting to ensure biosecurity for the host farm.

This is one of a series of meetings about cow tracks for farmers in the South West of Scotland.  Details of the other meeting dates and locations can be found on the links below.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.