Are pigs for you? Croft & Smallholder Practical Workshop (Skye)


This event is targeted at those who are thinking of keeping pigs in the future and do not know where to start, or who already keep pigs, but would like to undertake more ‘value added’ aspects of their business related to pigs – eg. Butchery.

We are holding this event, as we feel there is a lack of knowledge exchange and events targeted towards pig keepers – most events are for those who keep sheep & cattle. As there are increasing numbers of crofters and smallholders, particularly new entrants, whose only livestock are pigs, these people would be all but excluded from FAS livestock events.

For those new to keeping pigs this will also be a valuable opportunity to get the best advice on land choice, stock choice and health issues. This will help to prevent welfare issues that can arise from a lack of knowledge of pigs’ particular requirements.


  • Calum Johnston (SAC Consulting Food & Drink Specialist)
  • Keith & Rachel Jackson (experienced keepers & providers of meat direct to high-end restaurants)
  • Ross Mackenzie (SAC Consulting Pig specialist)

Topics covered:

  • Land Choice
  • Introduction to Breeding and Rearing
  • Introduction to Feeding
  • Marketing with SAC Consulting Food & Drink Specialist Calum Johnston
  • Practical session with experienced keepers

For further information please contact Ross Mackenzie, SAC Consulting Portree, 01478 612993.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.