Pull The Udder One! – Mastitis and Pneumonia, the Hidden Costs of Disease


Join us for an on farm event at Ormsary Farm, courtesy of the Cooper Family, where we will be exploring animal health in the dairy herd.

  • We will be joined by Helen Carty, SAC Consulting vet based at Auchincruive who will discuss pneumonia and related ailments.
  • Colin Mason, SAC Consulting Veterinary Centre Manager based at Dumfries will highlight the cost of mastitis and methods of control to minimise antibiotic use.
  • Lorna MacPherson, SAC Consulting Dairy Consultant will be looking at the impact of getting the winter diet correct to maintain quality and output of the dairy cow.

Hugh McClymont, Farms Manager at the SRUC Crichton Research Centre will outline the problems he has experienced in combating the above mentioned problems and impact quality has on his milk price.  He will also give a flavour of the trials being carried out at Crichton.

Discussions will also be had on the way to maximise your milk contract and the ways in which you can reduce incidences of disease.  What do you do already, what else could you do to improve the health and welfare of your herd?

Please remember to wear clean clothes and footwear suitable for disinfection.

For further information, or to book, call SAC Campbeltown on 01586 552502.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.