QMS Better Grazing: From Sward Sticks to Software (Inverness)


Well managed grazed grass is the cheapest feed for cattle and sheep. Efficient grazing management is essential to maximise grass growth and utilisation. There are many tools available to help with measuring and planning grazing management to optimise output per hectare.

This meeting will highlight many of the ways that have been developed to measure grass growth and some of the software available to help planning to meet the needs of livestock profitably. Dr Liz Genever has a wealth of experience working with beef and sheep farmers and was part of the team that put together the GrasscheckGB project.

By attending this workshop, you will get:

  • An overview of the different methods of measuring your grass.
  • Tips on how to make the most of measurements you take.
  • Develop your own grazing plan with help from our specialist Dr Liz Genever and fellow famers.
  • Discussion with experienced graziers on how they have used data on grass measurements to make decisions on farm.

Each event will include lunch, and a practical farm visit where we will see first- hand some of the technology in action from our GrasscheckGB project Farmers.