Soils, drainage & grassland – Shetland


Grass has a key role in sustaining ruminant livestock production.

During this practical event we will look at factors that might limit your farm’s ability to maximise grass production.  Key to good grass growth is soil management.

With guest speakers Gavin Elrick & David Lawson we hope to look at the following topics:

  • Soil structure – we’ll talk you through how to assess your soil and what you can learn from this process
  • Compaction – you’ll learn how to identify compaction and some of the reasons why it is there e.g. surface compaction vs deeper Kintyre SNN photo shows a group of people in a field looking at drainage in soilcompaction & whether soil type, machinery, drainage or livestock are to blame
  • Troubleshooting tools – we’ll help you identify which piece of machinery will help you alleviate the different soil compaction problems e.g. sward lifter, aerator etc.
  • Nutrient management – we’ll look at how you plan and implement an effective nutrient budget for your farm, including managing soil nutrients on peat soils.
  • Drainage – effective drainage is key to keeping your soil healthy – we’ll discuss the key factors in drainage in different soil types.
  • Effective grassland establishment – once you’ve got your soils in order, we’ll look at how best can you maximise your grassland production.

The event will include a site visit.   Please use the booking form below to secure your place and help us arrange catering.   You are asked to wear clean footwear and suitable clothing.

For further information about this event please call the FAS Advice helpline (0300 323 0161) and ask to speak to Graham Fraser.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.