South West Dairy Focus Group – Maximising milk from forage (Stranraer)

Producing good quality forage can have a massive impact on feed costs for the rest of the year.

During the last meeting, the group requested a meeting to look at how best to maximise their milk production from forage during the winter months.  Since producing good quality forage can reduce feed costs throughout the year we will begin by comparing silage analyses for the 2019 year.  We will also discuss the process of making top quality silage and focus in particular on the reliance of top quality, high quantity 1st cut vs multi-cut systems.  fertiliser policies and ensiling techniques.

Looking at the range of ration formulations from the group will lead to discussions surrounding effective ration formulation and costs.

If you’ve not attended the two previous events but –  would like to take part in the South West Dairy Focus Group, please phone Alison Clark on 01776 702649 to join.  You MUST submit 2019 silage analysis and current rations in order to participate in this event.

A light supper will be included as part of this event so booking using the form below is essential.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.