Turriff Small Holder Discussion Group: Soils Meeting


+++Please note that the map from Google is slightly out.  For an exact location, please see the pdf here.+++

This small holder meeting will focus on soils. Attendees will have the opportunity to practice soil texturing, see what good (and bad) soil structure in a soil pit looks like and learn about soFarming & Water Scotland Logoil conditioners. There will a short walk to look at Green Manures on the farm. We will also be looking at how trees can help on a small holding and learn how cross compliance affects small holders. Thereafter, attendees will be able to browse and pick up information from the Farming & Water Scotland stand.


  • Soil and drainage specialist, Gavin Elrick
  • Woodlands specialist Simon Jacyna.


  • Soil Texturing
  • Cross Compliance
  • Soil ConditionersHands breaking open a clod of compacted soil
  • Woodland
  • Soil Pits
  • Green Manures



Bookings are no longer available for this event.