Water Margin Management: Webinar 1 – Riverbank Management

The importance of riverbanks as the buffer to the water environment cannot be overstated.  A shield to pollution and a home for biodiversity, riverbanks are important habitats in their own right and provide valuable ecosystem services.

Key to protecting this water environment is understanding and working with the natural forces of the rivers and watercourses on your farm. Slowing the flow will help prevent flooding, land loss and pollution, as well as provide the basis for valuable riparian habitat.Farming & Water Scotland Logo

David Eadie is a woodlands specialist working with SAC Consulting and covering woodland creation and management across the south-west.

Also joining the webinar this evening is the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, discussing best practice for riverbank restoration, and practical steps you can take to safeguard your farm in a changing environment, cutting through the jargon and answering your questions.

This webinar is the first of three in a national programme, running through Autumn 2020. Also up for discussion are topics including; riparian woodland planning, abstraction, dredging and tackling water scarcity.

Register today to book your place at this interactive webinar to be held on Tuesday 15th September at 8 pm.  Once you have entered your details you will receive a confirmation email detailing how you can join the event on the day.

This is the first of three webinars to be held during the autumn.  The second event will be held on Tuesday 6th October and will have a focus on the practical methods of managing a riparian area, we will also hear from a beef & sheep farmer about his experiences of grant funding through the AECS scheme designed to help improve water quality.  Find full details for that webinar using this link.