Water Margin Management: Webinar 2 – Practical Management Ideas

Riparian habitats on-farm are often overlooked as more marginal and less productive, but often these areas are full of capital – natural capital.

Responsible, sustainable management of these landscape features can be hugely beneficial for landowners, with scope to improve soil health, sequester carbon and provide the farm with a buffer against the natural processes relating to water flow.

During this webinar, we will look at some of the management strategies that can be employed on your farms, including establishing managed water margins and riparian buffer strips to abstraction and alternative watering options for livestock.Farming & Water Scotland Logo

Robert Ramsay is a beef and sheep specialist working for SAC Consulting who farms in his own right at the family farm at Newmilns, East Ayrshire. Having recently begun a new AECS contract targeting improving the water environment, Robert gives his impressions.

Based in South-West Scotland, Struan Candlish from the Ayrshire Rivers Trust also joins us. The Ayrshire Rivers Trust has been working with landowners and special interest groups to monitor and safeguard the quality of the regions’ waterbodies and crucially provide advice to those groups on best practice, environmental and conservation awareness.

This webinar is the second of three in a national programme, running through Autumn 2020. Also up for discussion are topics including; dredging and tackling water scarcity.

The first of this series of webinars is to be held on Tuesday 15th September at 8 pm.  The primary focus then will be on the benefits of water margins, their role in water quality and how riparian planting has a role within that.  Full details of that webinar can be found using this link.