WiA Inverness-shire Nutrition – the basics Webinar 2

  • June 9 2020
    8:00pm - 9:15pm

This webinar has been organised in response to requests from the Inverness-shire Women in Agriculture Group.


In Part 2, we will be covering more of the basics of nutrition for ruminants. For this session, the emphasis is on the growing calf and lamb over summer, with a look forward to weaning time for the both the mothers and offspring.

Our guest speakers will be:

  • Kirsten Williams (SAC Senior Beef & Sheep Consultant) and
  • Mary Young (SAC Livestock Nutritionist)

We will look at:

  • energy and protein requirements,
  • feed conversion,
  • growth rates,
  • key performance indicators
  • and feed options.

Hope you can join us then!

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