Women in agriculture June/July 2018 – Caithness


A full post-event summary for this can now be found here.


  • Do you farm or croft?

  • Do you work or help with your family farm?

  • Are you interested in improving your practical sheep health & management skills?

At our first local Women in Agriculture event, sheep health and management were flagged by many attendees as a skills need. This event is designed to be a one-stop shop for all aspects of this topic. With three local vets as well as SAC sheep specialist, Kirsten Williams, you will be taken through several practical ‘stations’ where you will learn many ‘tips of the trade’, and can ask any questions you may have on all aspects of sheep health and management.

Caithness Meeting Programme:

Topics – Stations on body conditioning, foot trimming, best practice dosing and vaccinations, worming and weaning

  • With SAC Sheep specialist Kirsten Williams, hands-on body conditioning & scoring station with pens of sheep.
  • Vet Tom Southall will have a station on all foot related issues, including demonstrations on foot trimming.
  • Vet Fiona Sutherland will be demonstrating dosing and best practice for injections.
  • Vet Mey Cameron will give an overview on worming & fluke
  • After lunch, Kirsten Williams will lead a breakout session on all things related to weaning.
  • Bring along wellies and suitable clothing for working in a shed.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.