Women in agriculture June/July 2018 – Lanarkshire


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• Do you farm or croft?
• Do you work or help with your family farm?
• Are you interested in all aspects of farming, from lambing ewes to diversification?

At our first local Women in Agriculture event, sheep records, health and management were flagged by many attendees as a skills need. This event is
designed to be a one-stop-shop for these interconnected themes. SAC Consultant Hazel Laughton will cover legal recording obligations with host
farmer Andrew Baillie explaining how EID recording technology is helping him to improve his sheep flock. SAC vet Heather Stevenson will cover worm and fluke topics including minimising anthelmintic resistance.

Lanarkshire Meeting Programme:

Topics – EID Technology, sheep records, worm & fluke control

  • Sheep records, Getting it right. – Hazel Laughton
  • Making EID Technology work for you- Andrew Baillie
  • Best practice worm and fluke control- Heather Stevenson

Please wear clean clothing and footwear suitable for a farm visit


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