Women in Agriculture, Morayshire: Top Tips for Fluke & Worm Control in Sheep


Are “ewe” looking for some top tips on how to manage internal parasites (liver fluke and gastrointestinal worms) in your stock?  Knowing how to manage these conditions is key to ensuring good health and welfare in your flock which in turn leads to better returns.

Join us for this 1-hour webinar on Tuesday 1st September at 8 pm, where SAC Veterinary Investigation Officer Eilidh Corr will give an overview of the control of these parasites.

During this webinar we will discuss:

  • Year-round internal parasite control
  • Anthelmintic resistance – what is it?
  • How do you avoid it?
  • How do you manage it when present in your flock?

This webinar has been designed to address a need identified by the group through feedback at previous meetings.

A pre-meeting survey will be sent out to attendees to tailor the event to the group’s needs.

So why not join us for this informative session?