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Rural Roundup Bonus Content: Cara Cameron Loch View Rural Training

Cara Cameron is a Welsh girl living in the Scottish highlands with a love of the outdoors and agriculture. She has a thirst for knowledge and also loves to be…

Women in Agriculture, Angus & Aberdeenshire: Ewe Management for Lambing Success

27 January 2022


The aim of a successful lambing is to produce lambs with high vigour from ewes which are in the correct condition to avoid lambing difficulties, metabolic disorders and have a…

Women in Agriculture, Lothians: Motivate and Inspire with Jo McNicol

10 December 2021


Prepare to be motivated and inspired by Jo McNicol, a very successful and driven mother of two. Jo will give an insight into her inspirational journey, diversifying the family arable…

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Sustainable Principles

Managing Scotland’s landscapes sustainably is what all farmers, crofters and landowners seek to achieve. For years now there has been a steady increase in the number of land managers turning…

Women in Agriculture, Argyll: Motivate & Inspire

In this webinar we heard inspirational women tell their stories about how they are involved with farming and crofting across Argyll and the Islands. Four very different backgrounds and routes…

Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition with Anna Groom

As part of the Health is your Wealth series we chatted with Anna Groom, registered dietician, nutritionist and farmers wife. With Anna we discuss why nutrition is important and how…

Women in Agriculture, Caithness: A Year in Grass (webinar)

When does your grass grow? How can you make it grow better? When should you apply fertiliser? Does your ground need lime? When should you re-seed? When is the best…

Women in Agriculture, Borders: Selling Carbon and Creating Woodland (webinar)

Carbon sales from woodland are rapidly becoming a valuable source of income for farmers. Given that sales can be combined with existing FGS grant support, carbon sales are now being…

Women in Agriculture, Balivanich: Sheep Tagging and Records (webinar)

Sheep Records Made Simple and Top Tips For Tagging. Join us for this session on the simplest way to keep sheep records and understand sheep tagging rules. There will be…

Women in Agriculture, Perth: Motivate & Inspire – Be Brave, Push Your Boundaries! (webinar)

As part of the Women in Agriculture Motivate & Inspire Series, the Perthshire Group are hosting a meeting with the highly driven Heather Wildman. Heather is well known by many…

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