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Agribusiness News – May 2021

The May 2021 edition of Agribusiness News is now available to download.  Along with the regular monthly articles on policy, cereals, beef, potatoes, sheep and milk, this month have policy…

What’s Stopping You? – Barbara Girvan

Barbara Girvan’s enthusiasm shines through as she describes her recent new enterprise of a pumpkin patch in the Highlands, providing entertainment for school holidays and raising funds for charity. Her…

A photo of David Younie

Converting to Organics – David Younie

26 January 2021


In this podcast Malcolm Macdonald spoke to retired SAC consultant David Younie. David was SAC Consulting’s senior organic consultant and at the forefront of providing advice to farmers who were…

A snowy hill landscape where the mountains are coated in snow, in the foreground there is a small flock of sheep receiving supplementary feeding in the snow.

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Research & Policy

Research and development within Scottish agriculture will be key to a successful green recovery, building an efficient and sustainable rural economy and mitigating against the threats posed by climate change.…

A photo of a Scottish Wildcat. Photo credit goes to Sylvia Duckworth and the photo is shared under the Attribution license (CC BY-SA-2.0)

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Wildcats

Listen to field manager, Keri Langridge about the new Saving Wildcats project when she chats with agricultural and conservation consultant, Alex Pirie. Functionally extinct in Scotland, the Scottish wildcat is an…

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Common Grazings for Common Good

In this episode Alex Pirie chats to agricultural and crofting consultant, Janette Sutherland (SAC), about a range of topics and issues, including the lessons conventional farms can take from crofting,…

A head profile photo of a stag with full, multi-pointed antlers. The background is dark and out of focus.

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Deer Farming & Management

In this episode Alex Pirie chats to Dick Fairplay, John Fletcher and Allan Sneddon of the Venison Advisory Service. Deer farming in Scotland and across Britain is a growing sector…

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Lime & Soil Health

In this episode agricultural consultant Alex Pirie talks to Dr Bill Crooks (SAC), about the current state of Scotland’s soils, the importance and need to apply lime, getting value of…

A landscape scene showing an area of peatland with trees in the background and a bright blue sky above.

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Enhancing Peatlands

Scotland’s land and topography presents challenges for upland farmers across the country, but in many ways, it is also a blessing in disguise. Peatland, while not conventionally productive, provides important…

Grassland field with a huge heap of liming product in the middle of the photo.

Podcast: Soil & Nutrient Network – Lanarkshire

Find out more about the Soil & Nutrient Network Most farmers understand the importance of applying lime however how many are applying regularly, at the correct rate and the correct…

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