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Farm Management Handbook 2021/22

The 42nd edition of the Farm Management Handbook is an essential tool for any progressive farm business, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information for farmers, crofters, rural professionals,…

Rock On Soils – Final Report

1 June 2021

Rock On Soils was a nine-month farm innovation project. A collaboration between scientists and farmers, the aim was to explore the use of a basic silicate rock as a method…

Final meeting of the Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network: What’s in your soil?

1 April 2021


This webinar was the third and final meeting of the Orkney Soil & Nutrient Network (broadcast 15/12/2020) and for this meeting, the focus was on What’s living in your soil?…

Spring Barley – Planning your NPK (webinar)

9 March 2021

Fertiliser is often the largest variable cost when growing spring barley with timing and rates critical to achieve optimum yield, market requirements and limit any negative effects on the environment.…

Winter Agronomy Digital Roadshows 2021: Crop selection and variety performance

4 February 2021


To coincide with the launch of the new SRUC Scottish Cereals list, this presentation will update the top choices for 2021/22. The spring barley list has been consolidated with the…

Winter Agronomy Digital Roadshows – Soil Health

4 February 2021


Soils are complex systems that are important in providing and sustaining the landscapes they support. They are built up of three main components – physical, chemical and biological and these…

a field of green manure

Nutrient Strategy – Green Manures

3 February 2021


In this episode George Gauley is joined by David Fuller – Shapcott from Sweethope Farm, near Kelso along with Audrey Litterick from Earth care technical. David uses a low tillage…

Soil Association Scotland’s Farming with Nature Knowledge Transfer Programme

Farming with Nature (FWN) was a three-year knowledge transfer and skills development programme designed to work with farmers, crofters and environmental practitioners to support nature friendly farming by integrating profitable…

a close-up of compost

Nutrient Strategy – Compost

26 January 2021


For further detail on soil organic matter & composting please visit the Farm Advisory Service’s Kerchesters Farm webpage. In this episode George Gauley is joined by Jim McFarlane from Edrington…

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