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Farm Management Handbook 2021/22

The 42nd edition of the Farm Management Handbook is an essential tool for any progressive farm business, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information for farmers, crofters, rural professionals,…

A red and white calf with a yellow ear tag looking directly at the screen.

Technical Note (TN746): Management of Nutrition Around Calving in the Suckler Herd

1 September 2021

Summary Nutrition and body condition of the suckler cow has a very important role to play in ensuring the cow successfully delivers and rears a calf every year. Nutrition around…

Technical Note (TN745): Metabolic Profiling in the Suckler Herd

1 September 2021

Introduction to Metabolic Profiling Metabolic profiling involves blood testing cows at key times of the production cycle to assess nutritional status. It is often used as a management tool in…

Beef Heifer and calf

Technical Note (TN744): Management of Replacement Heifers into the Suckler Herd

1 September 2021

The goal of breeding heifer management is to produce a healthy, productive animal that produces a calf annually as part of the herd. This technical note will focus on managing…

Podcast – Livestock Monthly: Beef (July 2021)

8 August 2021


In the latest of our livestock monthly podcasts episodes hosted by Beef Specialist Robert Ramsay of SAC Consulting, we talk beef with George Baikie, Head of SRUC Farms.  

A herd of beef cattle in an open sided shed, standing with their heads through the feed rail at a diet of silage. The cattle are all looking towards the camera.

A Guide to Feed Budgeting

Forward planning forage supplies helps understand whether you will have enough conserved forage to meet the livestock demand – this is becoming more critical as weather is fluctuating more from…

New Entrants case study Archie Patterson, Plan Farm, Bute

Archie Paterson is a new entrant to farming. He’s the son of a shepherd, who always dreamed of farming in his own right. In order to make his dream a…

Croft & Small Farms: A Season with Cattle – Bull Hire for Crofters

Small herds are very common in the crofting counties and co-operation is key to their success. An important co-operative measure is the sharing of bulls and many make use of…

Avoiding Accidental Pregnancies In Young Heifers

17 June 2021


  Every year we hear stories of unwanted pregnancies in heifer calves, an issue that creates a lot of work, cost and is a potential animal welfare issue.  As we…

Grassland Management and Silage Making at Glensaugh

11 June 2021


In this podcast Malcolm MacDonald speaks to Donald Barrie, farm manager at Glensaugh research farm, and Lorna Macpherson of SAC Consulting’s livestock team about grazing management and how to make…

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