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Practical Advice for Lambing & Calving

In this podcast we hear from SRUC Veterinary Investigation Officers Megan Fergusson and Tim Geraghty. They talk about the importance of good husbandry and top tips to save time and…

Stock Talk – Performance in Beef Herds

In this podcast we hear from Sascha Grierson, SAC Consultant and Economist, and Colin Mason, SAC Veterinary Investigation Officer. They talk to Robert Ramsay about improving productivity and efficiency in…

Beef Finishing Systems

Taking cattle to finish can be one of the most expensive periods in the beef production system, with feed conversion efficiency reducing as cattle gain liveweight approaching slaughter weight. This…

Person with an ipad

Using the Carbon Audit Tool

6 April 2023


      Are you looking to use our new beef carbon tool to guide you towards resources to take that next step towards reducing your emissions but not sure…

Overview of Carbon Decision Making Tool for Beef Farmers

6 April 2023


        A tool has been designed specifically for beef farms to support them in decision making to reduce emissions following the completion of a carbon audit. This…

Technical Note (TN761) Fodder Beet for Beef Systems

Fodder beet is the highest yielding crop for dry matter and energy, this is grazed successfully in livestock systems, but does require careful management for cattle systems.  We have designed…

Agribusiness News March 2023

Welcome to the March edition of Agribusiness News.  If you prefer to download this document click the download button.   N e w s  i n  b r i e…

Thrill of the Hill – A Cow for the Future

Episode #10 – A Cow for the Future. We all think we know a good cow when we see one, but how futureproof is she, and what are the traits…

Agribusiness News February 2023

Welcome to the February edition of Agribusiness News.  If you prefer to download this document click the download button. Subscribe to receive this newsletter to your inbox each month.  …

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Technology to Improve Business Performance and Resilience – Beef

In this series of three fact sheets an arable, beef and sheep farmer have been interviewed to find out what key pieces of farm technology they cannot do without. In…

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