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New Entrants case study Archie Patterson, Plan Farm, Bute

Archie Paterson is a new entrant to farming. He’s the son of a shepherd, who always dreamed of farming in his own right. In order to make his dream a…

Croft & Small Farms: A Season with Cattle – Bull Hire for Crofters

Small herds are very common in the crofting counties and co-operation is key to their success. An important co-operative measure is the sharing of bulls and many make use of…

Avoiding Accidental Pregnancies In Young Heifers

17 June 2021


  Every year we hear stories of unwanted pregnancies in heifer calves, an issue that creates a lot of work, cost and is a potential animal welfare issue.  As we…

Grassland Management and Silage Making at Glensaugh

11 June 2021


In this podcast Malcolm MacDonald speaks to Donald Barrie, farm manager at Glensaugh research farm, and Lorna Macpherson of SAC Consulting’s livestock team about grazing management and how to make…

A white cow sleeping in a grassland field.

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Finishing Well

Beef finishing has long been seen as an inherently intensive activity, however finishing beef cattle at grass can be a productive use of time, while contributing to good habitat management…

Precision solutions to animal health & welfare: episode 2

28 May 2021


Welcome along to our animal health & welfare series of eight podcasts.  Each podcast will look at the latest research around animal health & welfare, with the aim of providing…

A red and white calf with a yellow ear tag looking directly at the screen.

Podcast: Thrill of The Hill – Concentrating on Calving

Calving is one of the busiest times of the year for those in the beef sector and a crucial time for things to go right! A successful calving has huge…

Livestock Monthly Podcast: Beef (April 2021)

30 April 2021


In the latest of our livestock monthly podcasts episodes hosted by Beef Specialist Robert Ramsay of SAC Consulting, we talk beef with Veterinary Investigation Officer, Tim Geraghty of SRUC Veterinary…

Precision solutions to animal health & welfare: episode 1

16 April 2021


Welcome along to our animal health & welfare series of podcasts. Over the course of 2021, we’ll be bringing you 8 podcasts, each falling under the theme of animal health…

Agribusiness News – April 2021

The April 2021 edition of Agribusiness News is now available to download.  Along with the regular monthly articles on policy, cereals, beef, potatoes, sheep and milk, this month we also…

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